Notions of shelter curated by Angela Rosenberg

New Viewings is a virtual space, a space in-between the real and the unreal. It has no restrictions and allows for the realization of everything and anything. It provides a controlled environment, which allows for experimentation without the constraints of the physical realm. The exhibition series New Viewings was initiated during the pandemic, when cultural institutions and galleries were closed down. Barbara Thumm invited artists and curators to overcome these obstacles and make use of her virtual gallery. In that sense her gallery offered not only a digital platform for artists and their projects, but also protected surroundings for the development of new ideas in very uncomfortable times. Almost ironically, this site comes in the shape of an interior space, with a floor, walls and a roof as elementary components, assuming that this rendition of an architectural construction was sufficient for a virtual exhibition.

Katalog Vorderseite

Out now:

Katalog zur Ausstellung: Valeria Heisenberg / Franziska Hufnagel im Bayerischen Armeemuseum, Ingolstadt

Mit Textbeiträgen von Dr. Ansgar Reiß, Thomas Groetz, Andreas Schlaegel und Tom Biber (Kurator der Ausstellung)

ISBN 978-3-9823386-0-6